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About Us

Who We Are

StarMaker Performing Arts Center was founded in 2000.  Our mission has and always will be to provide a positive environment where students can learn the art of dance while developing discipline, creativity, and self-confidence.

Consistent with that vision, we aim to provide much more than just a few fun dance steps or routine for recital. Quality is at our core and is a requirement for everything StarMaker does. We have an incredible staff and developed strong curriculums for each of our classes and levels. 

Most importantly, StarMaker is focused on family.  We value the relationships we build with each family that walks through the door.  We hope to welcome you to be part of the SMPAC Family!

- Miss Nettie Matheny



CLASS assistants



We are committed to providing a well-rounded, quality dance program for our students. Our directors and our staff continue to train, perform and participate in professional development activities statewide and nationally. We are confident in the quality, appropriateness, safety and correctness of our instruction and operations policies: however, please feel free to comparison shop.

All teachers are not for all people and you and your child are entitled to a satisfactory experience. Please know that the doors are always open and that we embrace and welcome all students, new and returning. Parents needing to speak to the owners should call the studio at any time rather than hold instructors up between classes. We will be happy to schedule a conference with you, to include the instructor, at any time that is mutually convenient.

Parent / Student Handbook

Studio Policies, Dress Code, Year at a Glance, and general overview of happenings at StarMaker.

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